Tuesday, June 2, 2009
COMMENTARY: The Bangsamoro Narrative: Input from Islamic movements (2). By Datu Michael O. Mastura

Pace one, the paradox is the very notion that Muslim ‘resistance equals terrorism’ by informational manipulation with national media apparatus has filled out the ‘vacant political message’ of status reversion of Moroism to proto-statehood. Rejection of the ‘land of truce’ (sulh) proposed in the initialed MOA-AD confronts Islamic geopolitical discourse in conjunction with the post-war “ethnic flooding” of Mindanao ripening into “settler neocolonialism” today. Negation takes away from this doctrine the compromise that continues to make and unmake the conflictual interactions in our social orders and its political aspirations. Thus locating the ancestral domain as a point of contestation of colonisibility accounts for Bangsamoro utmost striving for a juridical entity or state, a national status, or self-determination that gathers popular support.

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